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Control Submission and Domination

You came here curious thirsty, and seeking for control and a pleasurable experience of surrendering. Your life situations limits you to deeply seeded desires that you have not been able to understand or explore. A professional dominant can cause you to do that. Master Anubis is and experienced Dominant Master of Psychological control. There are other things his Egyptian Godly ways cause him to take charge for other kinky desires. You came here curious of how to uniquely be satisfied and excited. If you have been here more than once, you already know what you want and just need to be led with power to tell you to schedule a session. Click the orange button to have a God command you to book your session, and release your self from the excitement and hunger of being dominated.

Popular Categories

All activities in a session are always in mutual agreement and full disclosure non of those activities will be sexual activities or be a paid price in exchange for sex.


impact play

transformation /servitude

mental play control

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Exciting the mind

The mind has constructed many and all of the kinky and sex driving pleasure constructs. Maser Anubis is well acquainted with the female mind to find them stimulate them for the aim of psychological domination. Mind penetration and navigation is his specialty. Not all can participate in this type of activity. Some people have sensitive areas associated with triggering experiences that need further individual prior care, among other factors the mind must be cared for 1st. Only then is it prudent to stimulate. Sensitive and careful in some cases or in a milder way. All of this kind of play of course very active consenting and ethical rules

Let he the god of the path of the afterlife be worshiped. He son of Nephties God of the embalming and guardian of the dead. He is the operator of justice for the dead whos heart may not be balanced with Maat and her feather of justice. If your heart is not well balanced with justice you shall be meet Ammit Devourer of the Dead, lion muscles, hippo power and the jaws of nile crocodile will devour you and you shall be no more in this life or the next. Ammit leaves no trace of you in any life. Let Anubis be worshiped that his powers and spells give you the spells and powers to journey the journey to the last step to enter the after life rather than being destroyed. Let Anubis be worshiped, fall to your knees and assume the ancient position of worship and call for his powers with the book of the dead may deliver you 

Clients Testimonials

I didn’t know I would had so much pleasuring by pain and touch, Thank you Master

Maria G.

I will never forget being cuffed to the mast of my yacht to be dominated wow, hot !

Sonya A.

I love my mind with the presence of an Egyptian God inside of it.

Elena S.